C900 Short-Throw Shifter

It's no secret that the shift-quality of a classic SAAB 900 could use some improvement. Although the idea of a short-throw shifter has been around for decades, most products fall short. Often the replacements are fiddly, can't utilize the factory reverse lockout mechanism or the shift knob is allowed to spin around, which frankly is just annoying.

This shifter assembly solves all that with complete-OEM function, fit and finish (no knob spin!) with the bonus of precision parts to fix the "wet noodle" OEM feel. A high-precision spherical bearing and adjustable tension allow you keep the feel just as you like it, now and into the future. The shifter comes complete with new selector shaft, nylon lower shift ball and installation hardware. All that is needed is to swap your reverse lockout mechanism , gaiter and shift knob...no modifications necessary. Fits all 900s , 79-93 (+ 94 convertible).

Don't forget to add the weighted shift knob for the ultimate 900 shifting experience.

Made in the USA

PDF Installation Guide or Check out Lee Kelso's great installation video