Classic Weighted Shift Knob

The weighted shift knob is a great compliment to our precision short-throw shifter. Direct replacement for any 99/C900 shift knob, this weighs in at over 6.5oz (185g) improving the shifting experience and feel. No, it won't hurt your transmission or ruin your synchronizers. It simply aids in adding mass which reduces vibrations through the knob as well as aid in your own shifting action which allows for smoother , more effortless shifting and driving enjoyment. It doesn't look half-bad either! 3D scanned profile from original accessory wood knob. The core is solid machined and engraved 304 stainless steel wrapped inside a plastic housing of your choice of vapor-polished or micro-textured carbon fiber matte finish. Both versions have tactile rubber grips for ultimate control.

Designed, made , assembled & obsessed over, in the USA

Sold Out until March! (Pre-orders will be shipped first)