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SAAB Cross Reference 9354770

C900 Aluminum Alternator Support Arm Bushing

This machined aluminum bushing provides two important functions. First, it provides a solid ground connection direct from the alternator to the engine. The 900 was the only SAAB produced without a directly mounted alternator , so an external wire is the only connection for the charging circuit back to the battery. This cable is undersized at best and has usually degraded with age and vibration, often causing charging or voltage problems. Secondly , the solid bushings provide better support for the alternator which reduces alternator movement and extends the life of the main bushing set and proper belt alignment. These can be installed without removal of the alternator or belts.

CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum , made in the U.S.A.

* It is important that the main pivot bushings be in good shape, if there is excess movement, this can be transferred to the solid mount and cause further damage. Recommended bushings are OE rubber or Powerflex Urethane.

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