Property Types
Vehicle Fitment NG9-3 SS ('03 - '11) Excl. '03 Convertible 2.0

Trionic 8 Tunes

Trionic 8 was the final iteration of SAAB own engine management after 10 years of development after Trionic 5 was introduced. Trionic 8 added another layer of sophistication and complexity with driver comfort and pleasure in mind. It was used in all 4-cylinder engines where turbochargers were all standard.

Extracting more power from these engines can be easily done with a simple software tune. Even a Stage 1 tune with no other modifications really wakes the car up.

Please note that before doing any sort of performance upgrade, the car is running well and up to date on maintenance. If there are any existing issues such as misfires or bad coils , a tune will exacerbate them!

Trionic 8 is very security conscience so exchanging computers normally needs a the vehicle on site. However, it is possible to clone the VIN and Key data from the original ECM as well and apply that to a new computer without the need of a Tech II. You will need to provide your ECM to me via mail, even if you send replacement unit as well .
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