New Trionic 5 Wire Harness

Trionic 5 (T5) Conversion Wire Harness

After messing around with factory T5 harnesses and modifications to fit a classic 900, I found it took more time to repair old broken connectors and clean greasy tape residue than it would be to start from scratch. A drop-in replacement harness that you could just plug in and drive away was the goal. I've also worked to improve the documentation and support you need to take the plunge into Trionic 5 as easy as possible.

This is the 3rd revision of the Trionic 5 Conversion harness since I started building them in 2012. Some additional improvements include it being lighter and more flexible along with the very best connections and protection from the elements. This gives the harness a lifetime of trouble free operation and the reliability you've come to expect out of all MCS custom parts. It goes without saying that these are built to last and function as well as they look.

Each harness is hand built here in the USA using quality components and highest standards. It is fully plug and play with all classic 900s, just specify your model year.

The harness includes OBDII port for easy diagnostics. Factory 3-wire oxygen sensor adapter is included as well as configured to use the T7 Boost Control Valve . A/C Compressor wiring is also available.

Harnesses are built to order with a typical lead time of 6-8 weeks.
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