Trionic 5 (T5) Conversion Performance Flywheel

The heart of Trionics advanced functionality is its ability to know exactly what the engine position is , in order to fire each injector and spark plug at the precise moment for optimal efficiency & power. Its unique ion-sensing design also allows it to do without additional cam phase sensors , so the sole input to Trionic for this information is the Crank Position Sensor (CPS).

The Performance Flywheel takes our standard T5 conversion flywheel to the next level. The flywheel is standardized utilizing the the late 1990- Turbo clutch kits which use the standard 220mm OR 228mm early 9000 upgrade. The reduced rotating mass improves throttle response and turbo spool-up without adversely affecting casual driving.

The modified flywheel offers a far more accurate place to not only affix the sensor, but also leaves no margin for misalignment due to bolt slop or manufacturing tolerances that are present on the crank pulley. Slotted holes are now the standard on these crank mounted setups which permit the necessary calibration processes that is unnecessary when using our flywheel.

Flywheels all come re-balanced and surfaced so they are ready to install. Installation kit includes crank position sensor mount, sensor and all hardware necessary to install.

Flywheel modification requires you to send in your flywheel as a replacement core. If you choose to purchase without first sending in your core, you will be accessed a core charge. The core charge will be refunded after a replacement is received.
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