T7 Boost Control Valve (BPC) Conversion Kit

This kit is the cleanest, most cost effective way to update your wire harness to use the Trionic 7 Boost Control Valve (Not Included). The Trionic 7 Boost Control Valve is the go-to replacement for the expensive and fault prone stock Trionic 5 valve.

One obstacle to overcome is the change in connector between the two valves. Even though the connectors are different the actual connector pins are the same, so all that needs to be done is to remove the pins (with supplied tool) and they will snap in to the new connector. The next necessary component is the updated ECM program and hardware modification. Your computer will need to be updated to control the valve at the correct frequency and disable the second coil driver. A plug-n-play ECM can be configured for your vehicle with the necessary modification so that you have zero downtime. A core charge will be refunded after you've returned another T5 ECM.
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