SAAB 900 US Slant Nose Headlight Bucket Repair Kit

This repair kit contains all of the plastic bits that commonly break on the US slant nose headlights. A common issue with floppy or poorly aimed headlights is the adjuster screws rust and break apart the plastic pieces that are very brittle. The kit is complete for ONE headlight , either side, and are fully compatible with the OEM pieces. The adjuster nuts are redesigned to be stronger than OEM with brass threaded inserts , made from tough polymide (Nylon) . Headlight retaining pieces are made of polycarbonate for excellent rigidity and strength. All parts designed & 3D printed in the USA.

Kit includes:

  • 3x Headlight Reflector Receiver Mounts
  • 3x Receiver Baskets
  • 1x Tri-spoke Adjuster Nut
  • 1x Swivel Adjuster Nut
  • 2x Adjuster Knobs
Color may vary.

Installation Instructions here