Performance Billet Differential Cover for C900 & 99

The 3rd generation of the highly sought after rear differential cover , a design used by SAAB's own Sport & Rally division to strengthen the differential housing on 4 and 5-speed transmissions. The basic idea has been improved by adding a few other elements and features not found on other products on the market. Instead of thinner steel that can warp from welding, this cover is made from one solid 1.5" (38mm) billet of 6061 aluminum which ensures total flatness and a leak-free seal. The aluminum also offers much better oil cooling properties with a finned design to maximize surface area and heat rejection. This negates the need for a costly and complex external cooling system for most applications.

Additionally, two standard 6AN ports for external cooler plumbing are provided as well as a standard 1/8"-NPT port for a temperature sensor for monitoring transmission oil temperature. The lower AN port can be used as a transmission drain plug for which is handy for later 5-speeds that no longer have a drain plug on the bottom of the case.

The interior design has been given just as much attention with smooth transitions and a mirror-like finish to facilitate the correct oil flow and slinging patterns , which are essential for proper pinion lubrication.

All Stainless hardware and AN caps/plugs are included (gasket not included)

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