Trionic 5 Classic 900 Conversion SAAB

Classic 900 Trionic 5 (T5) Conversion Kit

This kit is the culmination of a decade of development. I've not only taken the key parts and improved them for ease of installation and setup, but I've created more custom parts to make the conversion as easy and complete as possible. This kit is setup as a baseline for everything needed for a clean, turn-key installation. Flywheel core return required A/C harness is available separately.

Kit Includes:
MCS T5 Conversion Wire Harness
Genuine SAAB Red DI Cassette
C900 specific Tuned ECU (200hp+, T7 BPC modification)
MCS Machined T5 Flywheel Kit (Sensor, Bracket & Hardware)
MCS 3.0bar Regulator Kit
Rebuilt & Flow Matched T5 Redtop Injectors
Engine Sensor Kit (MAP, Coolant, Air , Throttle Position)
MCS TPS adapter
MCS Air Temp Sensor Bung
Trionic 8 Style Boost Control Valve
NGK BPCR7ES Spark Plugs
Distributor Hole Plug
MAP sensor Mount

Jetronic LH2.2 (US Pre-1989) or Lucas injection (EU 1990+) cars should also purchase a LH2.4/Trionic 5 Idle Control Valve

MAF replacement pipe for use with the stock airbox - MAF Replacement Pipe

Viggen Clutch Option recommended for builds over 300hp. Otherwise either Standard or Lightened option are quite capable up to that horsepower level. With the lightened flywheel, it is recommended to add a speed signal generator IF your car is LH 2.2 originally ('85-88) with the lightened flywheel, however it is not required.

Your original flywheel is to be returned as a core (details provided) , otherwise a $125 core charge will be applied your payment method.

Due to current demand, wait time is approximately 4-6 weeks. Please contact me for more specific information.