Classic 900 Center Console Cupholder

An unexpected solution to the age old problem of "Where do I put my cup" when driving you classic 900. For those of us who have succumbed to the modern necessity of bringing along their favorite drink , a cup holder that keeps even a large tumbler in place while not disturbing the cockpit aesthetic as been elusive , until now . This cup holder will hold your drink securely from the center console , replacing the rear ashtray and is easily accessible by both front and rear passengers. This position is both ergonomic and does not impede with gear changes or passenger comfort. It makes a great addition to dash mounted cup holders that won't hold larger water bottles or tumblers. 3D printed to match the stock appearance of the center console, it cup holder is easy to install and remove if necessary with NO modifications required.

Features include:
- A large diameter (3+") drink holder
- Rubber retaining ring
- Dovetail ashtray adapter for future accessories/configurations
- Stainless steel hardware
- Designed & Made in U.S.A