C900 Roof Weld Cover Set

Another MCS 3d-printed design to replace those often sun-battered or missing covers. Originally these covers were designed to cover up the unsightly weld between the roof panel and c-pillars on the classic 900. Earlier cars and 99s had smoothed welds that took up too much time finish, so this was a way to save some costs while adding a sporty flair. Long out of production these re-production pieces are very presentable and true to form and function. Made from UV stable ASA that will hold up to high-temperatures and sun exposure to look good for years to come. They may have small (very small) surface imperfections compared to an injection molded part, but you really have to look closely to even notice. Additional sanding or painting can be done but these look great as-is (or I wouldn't sell them). These are 3/5 Door specific, 2/4 door models look to be modified versions of the 3 door.

Made in the USA