Rear Adjustable Panhard Rod

Adjustable Panhard Rod

This high-quality panhard rod uses only the very best components to correct a few issues that can arise when changing the stock ride height or using non-stock wheels.

The rear suspension in a classic 900 uses a panhard rod design which is great for simplicity and robustness , but suffers a flaw of moving laterally relative to the rest of the chassis through its arc travel. What that means is that as you raise the car up, the axle will move to the drivers side (US) and as the suspension compresses, it moves back to the right. Changing the ride height out of the factory spec will change the static location of the axle off center and when further compressed will shift farther off center. This can cause wheel rub issues where clearances are already tight with larger offset wheels paired with lowering suspension.

The solution is a precision adjustable pan-hard rod. The rod adjusts in length to correct the static ride height and re-center the axle. Using precision heim-joints, you will also get better road holding and more consistent feel compared to standard rubber bushings. Bearings are replaceable USA Made FK Bearings with Carbon Fiber & Teflon lining with custom stainless steel spacers for easy installation, no body modifications required.
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